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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  March 7, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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quarterback in nfl history to lead two different franchises to super bowl titles. >> amazing. coy, thanks so much. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. a big hour of live action on the campaign trail. just hours before super tuesday, the sequel. >> i love sequels. >> this time it's personal. >> you're looking at live pictures right now out of north carolina. donald trump getting ready to speak shortly. how will he respond to the new surge of support for ted cruz? ted cruz inching ever closer now in the delegate race. >> but first, dueling events. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, fresh from their fiery cnn debate. they're making their pitches to voters in michigan. you're looking live at the
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bernie sanders rally. he's in cal ma kalamazoo right . michigan has more delegates at stake for democrats and republicans than all of the other states on super tuesday the sequel. clinton and basanders have sevel campaign events across the state. >> it's also perhaps why bernie sanders and hillary clinton clashed so fiercely at last night's debate. joining us, baa carrie sellers, and michigan state senator who just endorsed bernie sanders for president. senator, let me start with you. there's an interesting exchange which in some ways encapsulates the policy and the tone of the entire debate. it had to do with the issue of the auto bailout. let's listen. >> i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto
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industry. >> whoa. >> i think that is a pretty big difference. >> well, if you are talking about the wall street bailout, where some of your friends destroyed this economy -- >> you know -- >> excuse me. i'm talking. >> let him respond. >> all right. the excuse me, i'm talking, we'll get to that in a moment. first, senator, let me ask you. the auto bailout, it's something that hillary clinton really brought up for the first time, the fact that senator sanders voted against it. how do you think he handled his response to that question last night? >> i thought he handled it very well. he was a little bit righteously indignant. he should be. he was in favor of saving the auto industry. he's talked about trade and manufacturing, and this state, in particular, we have been ravaged by, we are now rust belt cities across the state. we've been ravaged by the
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subtraction of manufacturing across the country. that's what his campaign is hinging on. >> but he did vote against it. >> but the -- he talked about the reason that he couldn't vote for the bill, and it had bad things in it. he clarified such going into the debate when he talked about the fact that sometimes there are good things and sometimes there are bad things. i don't think anybody walked away thinking he was not in favor of the auto bailout. >> what do you think? was hillary clinton being cute with the facts? >> i don't think she was. i think we know when you're an elected official, all you have is your vote. >> and bernie sanders brings up there's a very important vote that bernie sanders brings up quite a bit in terms of the iraq war. >> correct. i think if we're going to talk about jurdgment, we have to fee each candidate out of the same spoon. she talked about the export,
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inport bank. bernie sanders voted against that as well. i think she was making sharp distinctions. i don't think that any candidate necessarily was skaited or damaged so they couldn't bounce back. it was a sharp discussion on trade. that is a stark difference from what we saw on the republican debate. >> on the issue of sharp, the fact that bernie sanders and hillary clinton interrupted him. bernie, let me finish it. you saw a bit of it there. important? not important? >> i think tone is important. i think that in a debate, especially in a debate where you're this far along, that tone is very important. i don't think bernie sanders is sexist or any of those things. i think he made a mistake with his tone, and it reminded me of when barack obama looked at clinton and he said you're likable enough, and all the supporters of barack obama said that wasn't quite the tone that you wanted. and i think he made some tone mistakes last night, but bernie
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sanders is going to be fine. >> what do you think, senator? did he overstep? >> there were no tone mistakes last evening. as a matter of fact, bernie has been a gentleman, and it was time he made a distinction between hillary and himself. we're all democrats, but in particular, bernie sanders is saying listen, if we're going to look at results and if we're going to look at tone and things that matter in these debates, then when we're talking about blacks, we have to bring up a number of things that blacks should be upset with related to the hillary campaign and things that have happened in the past. i think he was trying to say let me get my point out, make my points. this is not a sensational thing. bernie was pushing facts. the facts speak for themselves. >> on the issue of race, there was a question about whether or not the candidates had a racial blind spot. a racial blind spot. bernie sanders gave an answer which i think a lot of people on both sides, it did raise some
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eyebrows. i want to play it and get your reaction. >> when you're white, you don't know what it's like to be living in a ghetto. you don't know what it's like to be poor. you don't knowwhat it's like to be hassled when you walk down the street or get dragged out of a car. >> i've heard white people upset saying there are white people poor. >> and african americans are saying not all african americans grow up in ghettos. >> if we look at the word ghetto, it stems from an understanding that was a reference to jewish people a long time ago, and so, frankly, what he was saying is ghettos, we know hem as jews. we also understand there are people living across the country living in gohettos. those situations are being put together by policy. some folks have tried to make hay of that, and are really trying to be political. bernie speaks from the heart. he's authentic. people are flocking to his campaign because of that.
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i don't think there was anything to make hay with over that. >> i give senator sanders a pass on that. senator sanders has run a fairly honorable campaign. i think he fumbled his words. he was trying to speak to the heart of issues going on in the african american community. i disagree with what he said, but he deserves a pass. there's no reason to imply that bernie sanders was saying something other than what he felt was the right answer that night. >> do you think it is going to -- final word on this. do you think it will help in any way for him to try to win over more of the african american voting electorate? >> listen, it's pretty clear. if you're african american across the country, it's very difficult for you to be with hillary clinton based on what has happened over the clinton years in office. >> that's not true, senator. >> let me finish. let me finish. i think if you understand what has happened to blacks, if you understand that there's been this villianization of blacks through policy that as emanated from the federal office or offices, you understand that the
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clintons were on the clock when that happened. when you talk about a candidate of her magnitude making statements back in the day, if you will, about black children being super predators and what not, that's something i take offense to, and i understand that if we're going to unite this country and if bernie is really about uniting this country, those facts have to come out so we can heal from those things. there are people upset with the hangover from the clintons, and bernie is not the establishment. he's a guy who has gone out the promote a different kind of presidency. >> we're going to move on, but you said it's going to be hard for black people to vote for hillary clinton. with states with 80% of the african american vote has gone for hillary clinton. at least some people have not had a hard time voting with her. senator johnson, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> an important programming note, a big week of political action here. tomorrow we'll have complete coverage of four big contests, and then come wednesday cnn will
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have the democratic debate hosted by you june visiuni visi. and then thursday the gop debate in miami. donald trump getting ready to speak at a rally in north carolina very soon after winning two of four states on super saturday. losing the other two to ted cruz. >> donald trump also called on rubio to get out, drop out of the race because he wants to take on ted cruz one on one. let's get to chris freight in concord, north carolina at the rally. chris. >> reporter: hey. we're right outside of charlotte, north carolina. and north carolina voting march 15th th. that's why donald trump is here. the big story, of course, today is how well cruz did on super saturday. he picked up big states in kansas and maine. donald trump even cracking of
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course he won maine because he was born in canada. he has tried to suggest that because cruz was born in canada he's not qualified to run for president. cruz saying that's ridiculous. he's an american citizen and can run. don't count out rubio. he got a big win in puerto rico. he won all the delegates because he won by such a big margin. that's important going into the big prize. that's florida on march 15th th. rubio looking to pick up his home state there. and the establishment looking to rubio to put the breaks on the donald trump train. marco rubio needs to have a big night in florida. expect donald trump to go after cruz. cruz really starting to stand out as that trump alternative. in fact, when you look at the delegate count right now, trump, 389 delegates and cruz with 302.
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rubio has about half that. we expect we'll hear more about cruz and rubio in a few minutes. >> chris, we'll hear from donald trump shortly. stand by for that. in the meantime, does the cruz surge make a contested convention more likely in we'll ask sean spicer who will join us live. >> plus a scathing report on rubio's melt down. hear who supporters are blaming for the troubles. and a mysterious incident involving a cruz supporter after a pastor led a prayer at a cruz rally, she was shot outside a church. a man hunt is underway. what's the motive? horsepower, and best in class v8 towing? chevy. i'm going with ram. definitely ford. the new 2016 chevy silverado offers best in class v8 fuel economy... holy smokes! horsepower, and towing.
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>> polls show rubio trailing donald trump in florida. >> and trump and cruz are looking to move this to a two man race that doesn't involve rubio. both saying rubio, it's time to get out. that's a clear message after saturday. joining us to discuss the state of play in florida is adam smith. adam, it's great to have you. you definitely have your ear to the ground on what the situation and state of play is in florida. you guys did a poll of insiders, of politicos there, and nine the ten of the politicos in your insider poll say that rubio is going to lose florida. how much trouble is he in, do you think? >> well, that may be the best
8:37 am
news for mar dco rubio that he' toast. most of the convention tall wisd conventional wisdom has been wrong. there's one poll that suggests he's been five points of trump. there's another one that says he's two points away. it looks like an uphill battle. if you look at louisiana where late deciders were moving away from trump, that bodes well. who knows. this looks like his last stand. >> actually, louisiana voters not just moved away from trump. they moved away from rubio a lot more than even they moved away from trump. what has gone wrong, or what do you think the problem has been for marco rubio in his home state? >> there just has not been much of a campaign. it's kinds of the same story all along. a lot of fans that marco that he never laid much of a ground organization and even in places
8:38 am
like iowa, new hampshire, and he was sort of relying on a wing and a player and momentum to carry him along. that's been the case in florida as well to a large extent. donald trump has not had much ground organization in most states c but he started building a campaign on the ground here a couple months ago. jeb bush, when he was still in, started very early on. marco sort of in a way has taken florida for granted until just about a week or so ago. >> i want to ask you that. no matter where you think your momentum is going to be or how well you think you're doing, winning the home state for all of these guys is clearly a huge thing. texas for cruz, coming up, ohio for kasich. it's no question for anybody and especially for rubio's campaign that winning florida from the very beginning was going to be key for him. do you think that with all that in mind he has taken the state for granted? >> i do, and you'll hear that
8:39 am
from a lot of people that like him. it's tricky in florida. more than half the ballots will be cast by the time election day comes around on tuesday. people have been voting for weeks and weeks. we've had more than a million votes already cast, and a lot of those votes came when all the momentum seemed to be on trump's side. that's another obstacle for rubio. >> what about jeb bush, the former governor, do you think he'll endorse rubio, and if he does, does it help? we've seen time and time again when former dproerchs endorse in this race, it breaks against them for some reason. >> i can't pretend that i have inside information. i'd be surprised if he doesn't endorse rubio in the end, and then your question is a great one. how much does that help? oh, great, the establishment is behind rubio. now we know that for sure. that doesn't seem to be a winning message this cycle. >> and cruz has opened up ten campaign offices in florida.
8:40 am
his campaign office was excited to talk about that, especially following the super saturday finish. cruz's superpac is putting out ads. what is cruz's impact there? >> i can't quite tell if it's just talk or not. i'm not sure i've seen a lot of spending. they did open up some offices that you do find in the sort of activist community, some passionate ted cruz support. we have not seen a real commitment of money and that's what it takes. florida is such a big state. it's like 2 million a week to advertise statewide. we've not seen that kind of commitment from cruz yet. we'll see. maybe it's coming. >> we'll see if it's just psychological warfare. great to get a sense of what's going on on the ground there. thanks. >> thank you. >> we'll see how ted cruz does tomorrow when republicans fight for delegates across four
8:41 am
states. will they line up for one candidate? will they splinter among many? of course, that's a big question for any of them, especially donald trump. >> and that's the man that will be speaking shortly. any minute now we'll hear from donald trump. what he thinks right now about the state of the race. meaning what he thinks about his opponents, cruz and rubio. they both picked up wins this weekend. so what is his strategy? what's his next line of attack going into the next sequel of supertuesday? we'll bring it to you live any minute. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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some news just into to us, brand new poll numbers out of michigan. a crucial state. showing the candidates with the leads, donald trump and hillary clinton. now, michigan has the biggest jackpot of delegates up for grabs tomorrow. this new poll, let's show you the numbers as hillary clinton leading 55-42. three-quarters think she'll win the nomination. >> on the republican side, some interesting numbers here. donald trump, the clear front
8:46 am
runner right here at 36%. cruz and john kasich in a tie, really, at 23 and 21 % respectively. and marco rubio trailing the field with 13% in michigan now in this latest poll. joichbi joining us to discuss, a donald trump support, bruce haines, and bakari sellers. kailee, first to you in the new poll. donald trump at 36, and then you take a look at the rest of the field. this is interesting. take a victory lap here. what do you see? >> look, here's the thing. the nbc poll released two days ago shows trump up by 19, another one by 15. he looks like the clear front
8:47 am
runner. it is alarming to see cruz there just 13 points behind. and although i think donald trump will win, it's just interesting to see ted cruz inching up and doing better than someone like kasich. michigan is made for john kasich. in many ways, it should be made for rubio. to see cruz surging in the state, it is troubling. it brings back those worry somethoughts of him doing well in maine. no one saw that coming. while this has good for trump yrn, cruz is rising in places where he shouldn't be. >> there's interesting stuff in the polls. the first two days of the poll it was trump ahead by more. cruz in second. the second days of the poll, it's donald trump in front, not by as much, but john kasich has vaulted into second place there. he's the man on the move in this poll, and again, in all four days, marco rubio just sliding way, way back down to 12%. what do you see there? do you see a threat to donald
8:48 am
trump or do you see it being a race to second? >> i think there could be a bit of a threat posing to donald trump here. it's interesting to see where it's going to come from. one of the things with trump is that one of the key aspects of his brand has been strength, and strength is certainty. and we have seen some uncertainty from him a little bit in the last few days. he's walked back some comments on tourture and visas, and he needs to become the consistent candidate again who says what he thinks, means what he says, and doesn't get confused about what he stands on some of the issues. i think that's hurting him a little bit. >> you saw the numbers out for clinton and sanders. clinton with a lead, 55-42 in michigan. michigan is important across the board, but it's a big state. both are competing in this state. big cities. diverse population.
8:49 am
what are we going to learn after this vote in michigan? >> bernie sanders has had trouble competing in the south. and the campaign has come out and said we can do better with more diverse voters as we move through this steel belt, through the rust belt. michigan is the first test there. i believe it's going to be closer than people are dweguess. i think hillary clinton will come out on top, but mississippi will be tomorrow and much of the same. when you look at them together, i think we've seen the best string of states bernie sanders is going to have. i think it's going to get rougher moving forward. i think if the polls are correct and hillary clinton comes out ten plus and then goes down and puts into the 75 or 25 on the board, it's going to be rough for bernie sanders to rebuild the traction. >> i want to look past michigan and talk about florida. these outside groups, some of the never trump groups, and some other groups are spending a ton of money just hammering donald
8:50 am
trump in florida. anywhere between 5 million and 10 million, a lot of money. donald trump as of now only spending $1 million, a little less. would it be ironic if he were to lose support because he's unwilling to spend more money? as a consultant, it has to drive you crazy he's not spending more. >> define yourself or others will, and there is a race on in florida right now to define donald trump as inconsistent as a con man, as all these things we've seen people working on, a con man. all the things we see people working on. marco rubio zeroed in on his home state like a laser beam. he will make his last stand there, we will see. the history of this these things have an impact. you can't take millions of dollars of negative advertising defining you in this way and not respond to it. you know, it happened to john kerry and could happen to donald
8:51 am
trump. >> exactly to that point, everyone is focused on michigan or florida. donald trump today spending time in concord, north carolina. knew i was going to screw that up at least once. what's the play there? >>. >> i definitely think that -- sorry, i'm having a problem with my ear piece. i can hear the producers. i think when you look at the southeast and north carolina and mississippi, that's where donald trump can really hamper ted cruz in the southeast. i think he wants to make sure to shore up those states. i think he is confident in florida, up by 20 points. i think it helps that cruz will play in florida. he opened ten offices there. i think that taking a way from rubio but he should not take it for granted. despite a 20-point lead, that is an older poll, and it is time to invest there. >> if you have ear piece
8:52 am
problems, you can still answer the question, kayleigh proved it right there. great to see you guys. >> donald trump getting ready to speak right now with voters in concord, north carolina. will he respond to the new ted cruz momentum? the big wins for cruz over the weekend. and the life and legacy of nancy reagan. we will talk to a man who helped her write her memoir. during the lexus command performance sales event... [sportscaster vo] there's always a cause for celebration. [sportscaster vo] with extraordinary offers on our most exciting lineup of suvs ever. including the stylish, all-new rx... and the dynamic nx. [sportscaster vo] because thrills like this... only happen during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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standard bearer and his wife nancy a driving force behind the success and the legacy. president reagan devoted partner, fierce protector during his political career and battle with ail tim with alzheimer's. >> she will be buried at the reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. she was an iconic, influential figure in her own rite. bill novak worked with nancy reagan on her memoir "my turn." thank you for joining us. appreciate it. you obviously got to speak and send so much time with her. i was fascinated by the idea that you said she was someone who preferred listening than talking. what do you mean by that? >> in so many ways. she was different than what i had expected. she was the kind of person who
8:58 am
you may want in a friend, a good listener. attentive to others. that's the side i saw. when you are helping somebody with their memoirs, you want to be the listener. you want them to be the talker. she was a little reticent. >> the tributes continue to pour in. you have written about the fact that the media image of nancy reagan was tough at times. you even said it was so frightening that it was difficult for you to get past. what did you find in the end of spending so much time talking to her? >> her media image was so frightening to me i wasn't sure i should take on this book. i said to my wife, what do you think? and she said, just say yes and i am glad i did. the woman i met with was nothing like that. she was in some ways fragile. she was grieving. he had lost both of her parent
8:59 am
and almost lost her husband shortly after he was elected the first time. in a shooting that we -- in serousness that we didn't understand at the time and kept from the public but he was close to death. she was not, least to me, the powerful, scary person that i had envisioned. >> you said as a highlight of your life as a biographer and ghost writer, when time when you were talking to her on the phone. explain that. >> we were on the phone because we did some interviews in person and some on the phone. suddenly, i hear not now, honey, i'm talking to bill novak and i realized honey could only be one person, and that was a fun moment for me. >> their love story is one for the history books. as someone who got to observe it up close, closer than most, how would you describe it? >> very much as others have
9:00 am
described it. she was very protective. she knew him well. she understood him well. she devoted her life to him. i rarely saw them together because i was there to see her, but when i had the chance to meet him i found him congenial and funny. i came back and told my friends i've never met a funny person who wasn't smart. forget the idea that this guy isn't bright. >> thank you for sharing your memories. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. thank you all for joining us at this hour. >> hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view" after a fairly rewarding weekend for the top two presidential contenders in both parties and one more feisty democratic debate the sprint is on t


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